20 December 2017

Why You Should Always Call for Drywall Services Before You Repaint Your Home’s Interior

Repainting your home’s interior is one of the simplest and most economical ways to significantly increase property value. In fact, according to Time Magazine, repainting key areas in the right color can add as much as $5,440 to the house’s value. It’s no wonder then why many homeowners are scrambling to put a new coatRead the full article

Painters Can Tell You How to Match Your Bedroom’s Color Scheme to Your Desired Mood

Interior design is more than just the art of putting together themes and features that make your house aesthetically pleasing. In a sense, it’s also a science of creating a healthier environment for the home’s inhabitants. Of all the aspects of decorating, choosing a color for each room is perhaps among the most important. AfterRead the full article

27 November 2017

3 Small-Scale Projects You Can Use Kitchener Painting Services For

You may have heard that the winter is no excuse to put your home improvement plans on hold – not even if your project involves some painting services.  While it’s true that cold weather will add new considerations when it comes to paint types and work schedules, it’s also false that pursuing paint jobs duringRead the full article

Plan a Practical Wintertime Painting Project with Help from Experienced Painters in Guelph

Is it true that you should forego any house painting plans at this time of year? The answer, believe it or not, is not an automatic “yes.” Not every day of the coming winter months will be ideal for painting jobs, but with the help of experienced painters in Guelph, you can pull off aRead the full article

20 October 2017

Ask Painting Companies for Fall Colors, and You’ll Enjoy the Season’s Shades All Year

Have you been falling in love with the fall colors around Kitchener? Perhaps you’ve even found yourself thinking you could have their vibrant hues painted on the walls of your home. If you haven’t, consider the idea now. Painting your rooms red, orange, yellow, or other rustic tones will make them look good and feelRead the full article

Painters Give the Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Keep Your House Painted

Home improvement can be costly, especially if you have a large property. What many Kitchener homeowners might not know, however, is that there are several ways to improve their houses without breaking the bank. One of the simplest and easiest methods of improving your home is painting it. Painting your home with help from professionalRead the full article

30 August 2017

Tips from Kitchener Painting Services—How to Make Multiple Colours Work

Most people do not spend a lot of time thinking about the colour of the room–just choose one colour, and live with it. However, if you want your room to set a tone, then colour should be one of your primary concerns, because colour has a direct influence on people’s moods and thoughts. Though choosingRead the full article

Kitchener Painters Share 3 Awesome Tips for Exterior Paint Maintenance

When you have the exterior of your home painted, you not only make your home more beautiful, you also help protect it from damage. Paint acts as a shield against weathering or rot, and for this protective coating to do its job well, you need to help maintain it. It’s practically common knowledge that homeownersRead the full article

08 August 2017

Painting Companies Share Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Wall Looking New

There’s no doubt that kitchens can get messy pretty quickly. After all, a lot of work happens in this space. Recipes are prepared, food is served, and dishes and debris can pile up after a sumptuous meal. That’s why you should always strive to maintain a freshly painted look on your kitchen walls by keepingRead the full article

Painters Share Decorative Colour Schemes to Spruce Up Your Kitchen

Simple colour changes go a long way to updating kitchen spaces. For instance, a light shade of gray can turn a room from appearing dingy to sophisticated, while adding light red hues can create a dramatic space. Professional painters share their insights on the favorite shades they have used in different homes, so you canRead the full article