3 Modern Makeover Ideas You Can Do Together With Drywall Services

As a homeowner, it pays be knowledgeable about the recommended materials in home construction or remodelling and the trends. You could, for instance, find out the advantages of replacing your existing plaster walls with drywall, a versatile material that’s easy to install and offers fire resistance, among other benefits. You could also get plenty of inspiration when it comes to the design tweaks or total renovations you can do together with home repairs.

Drywall Repair Cambridge, ON

If you’re thinking of getting drywall services, consider these makeover ideas from a pro in Cambridge, and breathe new life into your private spaces:

1. Go for Bold, Geometric Ceilings

Drywall is versatile enough to be fastened into complex design features, such as eaves and arches. The construction material can also be used to conceal steel beams that are used in intricately shaped ceilings.

Maximize this versatility by opting for unique geometric ceilings. Not only will it add visual interest to a loft or cottage, but it will also give the room the illusion of more space and height. A minimalist esthetic would then easily match this design feature.

2. Pack a Room With Personality by Painting It

An easier way to transform any room is by painting your walls a bright color. Imagine if practically all the surfaces of your home are painted white or any other light neutrals—and then, you switch up the kitchen’s vibe with cherry red walls and boldly colored accents. Giving the heart of your home a striking interior would definitely give any guest a preview of your food-loving personality or penchant for cooking.

Alternatively, you can have your ceiling painted, too. It’s another way to make a unique design statement and infuse a room with truly interesting details. Why not install recessed lighting or maybe some intricate hanging lights in the process, too?

3. Bring the Outdoors In

One way to ride on the trend of seamless indoor-outdoor transitions is by installing floor-to-ceiling glass windows or sliding doors. This lets you maximise natural light and even enjoy some energy savings, since sunlight can help reduce lighting and heating costs during cold seasons. Additionally, this gives any part of the home a relaxing, airy vibe.

Another way to recreate this design trend is by installing wallpapers with nature patterns. How about an image of a lush, tropical forest? When it comes to decor, Homefront Magazine suggests nature-inspired accessories like aquamarine vases, giant seashells, and classic accents like an 18th century bateau bath, which “fits perfectly into traditional or contemporary bathrooms.”

In any kind of interior makeover you want to try and fulfill together with drywall repair or replacement services, make sure you work with professional companies like the CertaPro Painters of Waterloo. These experts can help in planning the remodel, preparing the materials and the surfaces properly, and efficiently accomplishing the services.


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