3 Small-Scale Projects You Can Use Kitchener Painting Services For

painting services kitchenerYou may have heard that the winter is no excuse to put your home improvement plans on hold – not even if your project involves some painting services.  While it’s true that cold weather will add new considerations when it comes to paint types and work schedules, it’s also false that pursuing paint jobs during this season is out of the question.

Winter is a good time for interior house painting, and there are several small-scale projects you can take on without having to touch up your entire Kitchener home.

A living room wall

The cold months are dreary; they also coincide with holidays like Christmas and New Year, which, if you’re in the mood, call for festive decorations.

Why not take advantage of this situation and give your living space a colorful accent wall? For example, painting one side of the living room a cheerful color can not only help offset the bleak scenes beyond your windows. It can also create a vibrant focal point and a backdrop for your décor – or even a just surface the glow from your fireplace can light up.

Kitchen nooks and crannies

From brightening one wide swathe of wall, you can shift to filling narrow nooks and crannies with color. Oftentimes, the best place to do that is the kitchen, where all sorts of fixtures and appliances can leave you very little room to paint.

That said, bursts of color in between uniform rows of stainless steel or tiled fixtures can go a long way to improving a room’s aesthetic. Just keep in mind that the best colors for kitchens are those that help stimulate appetite, like reds, or create a feeling of calm, like green.

Free-standing shelves, cabinets, and closets

Don’t forget that professional painting services are not only meant for walls. Many kinds of furniture are also prime projects for painting and re-painting.

Shelves, cabinets, and closets may be particularly fun furnishings to get creative with. With shelves, you can experiment with different color combinations for the backing and shelving. Remember that books and other objects that go on them will obscure whichever paints you pick, so you have the leeway to use bold colors because their impact will be muted.

With cabinets and closets, you also have leeway to paint patterns and figures on the panels. Doing this is a great way to provide design accents, especially if you’re positioning a cabinet against a solid-colored wall. On the flipside, if you’re placing a small, free-standing cabinet or drawer in the middle of the room, it can also have a solid color that would serve as the area’s focal point.


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