5 Ways to Take Charge of House Painting Before Painters in Guelph Arrive

Painters in GuelphJust because you’ve hired experienced painters in Guelph doesn’t mean you can leave your house painting project entirely to them. You won’t have to mix paints or pick up a roller yourself – but there are numerous tasks before the work starts that you can take responsibility for.

Strategize the Painting Process

Are you having more than a single room painted? If yes, you should plan which one you want done first. While professional painters can advise you where paint would dry faster or where additional fixes are needed prior to painting, you alone know how shutting down one room over another will affect your household. Only you, too, know a room’s contents better than anyone else. That is a major factor as you plan for storage.

Remove All the Furniture

As much as possible, take all furniture out of the room(s) to be painted. This will not only protect your furnishings from spatters; it will also prevent your hired painters from getting into accidents.

If there is a piece that’s too large or heavy to take out, move it to the center of the room – as far from the walls as possible – and cover it with heavy plastic sheeting.

Take Out Wall Décor and Fixtures

Remove wall décor too. Again, it will not only keep your clocks or paintings from getting splattered; it will help ensure an even paint job throughout the room. Professional painters in Guelph would not cut corners around these wall hangings. They would appreciate such a gesture from you.

Wall fixtures also include outlet covers and switch plates. After you’ve taken these out, make sure you tell your hired painters where they are — and don’t forget to switch off that room’s circuit breakers once the painting begins.

Clean the Walls

A lot of professionals include pre-cleaning services, but you could lend them a hand by doing an initial pass. Use a towel or vacuum cleaner to dust the walls, leaving tougher smudges and stains to the pros. Clean, uniform surfaces will lead to a smoother look once new paint has been applied.

Test Your Colors Onsite

Once you’ve stripped the room bare, confirm your color choices by taping swatches to the walls. The shade you thought was perfect in the store might not look as good in that room’s light. Since swatches don’t always match the color that emerges after paint dries, you could also test paints on the wall.

Clear this last requirement before the professionals come, and you can let them launch straight into transforming your home.


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