Why You Should Always Call for Drywall Services Before You Repaint Your Home’s Interior

Repainting your home’s interior is one of the simplest and most economical ways to significantly increase property value. In fact, according to Time Magazine, House Painters in Cambridgerepainting key areas in the right color can add as much as $5,440 to the house’s value. It’s no wonder then why many homeowners are scrambling to put a new coat of paint on their walls. In their rush, however, they gloss over one important step to ensuring a smooth, flawless paint job: repairing existing damage on the walls. Before you start choosing a different paint color, call a specialist in drywall services first for these easy fixes.

Use New Nails or Screws

Over time, the nails or screws used to hold drywall in place can get pushed out. Painters recommend securing the drywall again to keep it in line with the framing, but you can’t do this just by hammering the old nails back down and covering them up with compound. They will only pop back out, ruining the new layer of paint you will apply afterwards. A better solution would be to have your drywall repair professional remove the old nails or screws and replace them with new ones. The final step would be to apply at least three coats of joint compound to hide the nail or screw head.

Fill Holes and Tears

Painting over tiny indents in an attempt to hide them never really works out well. Even the smallest holes or tears on your drywall can turn into glaring imperfections when the light hits it just right. The best thing to do in situation is to have a professional fill the holes with filler or drywall compound. It has to be spread evenly on the wall and allowed to dry for a couple of hours. Once it has finally dried, the surface will then have to be sanded so there can be no excess compound.

Remove Old Glue Strips

Nowadays, many homeowners prefer to use adhesive strips for whatever they need to hang on their walls. While this method requires less work and causes less damage on the wall, it does leave behind quite a mess. Glue strips cling rather tightly to the drywall even years after you have taken that mirror or paneling down. The trick here is not to tear out the adhesive strips, but to cut around them. This way, the drywall won’t get completely torn out in the process. Any shallow gouges left behind will simply have to be filled with compound, and it’s ready for painting.

Preparing your walls for repainting improves the outcome of your minor home renovation project. Of course, letting professionals from trusted companies in Cambridge, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, goes a long way, too.


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