Ask Painting Companies for Fall Colors, and You’ll Enjoy the Season’s Shades All Year

Kitchener Painting CompanyHave you been falling in love with the fall colors around Kitchener? Perhaps you’ve even found yourself thinking you could have their vibrant hues painted on the walls of your home. If you haven’t, consider the idea now. Painting your rooms red, orange, yellow, or other rustic tones will make them look good and feel comfortable to be in, no matter the season.


Due to its brightness, orange isn’t the color you’d typically use for an entire room. However, it’s an excellent choice for creating “accent” walls. These draw in the eye in a space that would otherwise have muted or neutral colors. Accent walls may include the side of a room adjacent to picture windows, the wall partially obscured by open shelving, or the panel next to a staircase. (Needless to say, don’t pair orange walls with black shelves or other furniture; you want a touch of fall, not a backdrop for Halloween!)

The shade of orange you pick goes a long way to determining how vibrant a room will be. Pumpkin, carrot, and tangerine orange are on the bold side of the fall palette, but subtler oranges like that of dried leaves, cinnamon, and terracotta can be used to impressive effect, too.

Ask local painting companies for samples of their orange paint options; their offerings can influence your decision on which painters to hire for the job.


Red hues are dramatic, stately, and powerful, making them traditionally suitable for libraries, studies, and dining rooms. They can set off art, furniture, and other fixtures well, whether these are antique or modern.

But reds – especially the reds inspired by fall – go well in more casual settings too. Burnt reds lend a charmingly rustic feel to just about any room from a foyer to a bedroom. Decks, porches, and patios could also benefit from a splash of red to make them appear cozier.


If you dread the muted shades of winter, you can pick yellows to enliven your rooms till spring – and every coming summer and fall.

Since they are quieter and softer than oranges and reds, yellows can achieve this effect without overpowering your vision or other elements in the room. Lighter hues are also a great choice if you love creating intimate and nature-inspired atmospheres; soft yellows combine well with brown-toned elements like wooden floors and furniture, or gray-toned ones like stone fireplaces.

Again, it is best to consult with painting companies around Kitchener about available colors and decorating options.


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