Cambridge Drywall Services Discuss Why Drywall is Better for your Home

Most houses in Ontario have either plaster or drywall dividing the interiors. Though plaster does have its advantages, more and more homeowners are opting for drywall due its versatility. For this building material battle, we referred to Jessica Brown’s article in for all the reasons why drywall is the hands down choice.

Getting in the mix

As capable Cambridge drywall services will tell you, an entire drywall can be installed in the time it takes to prepare and mix the raw materials for plastering. In other words, it takes twice as long to apply plaster than measure and cut drywall.

“After the lath is in place… The compound usually comes dry and must be mixed with water. … a certain amount of skill and experience is needed to get the right consistency…

The first coat of plaster is applied, scratched and left to dry … followed by the second coat, or brown coat, and then the wall is finished off with a final layer.”

Advantages of Plaster

Unlike the rigid drywall, plaster is malleable and is therefore perfect for curved or irregular walls. In addition, plaster tends to be thicker than drywall, and that makes it good for sound proofing. Lastly, the water content of plaster makes it fireproof.

Drywall is the winner

Aside from having similar qualities to plaster, drywall is economical because it involves less time and labor. It helps that it’s much easier to install.

“After the boards are in place, corner bead is attached to the corners to give them a straight edge. The walls are then taped … where the boards have been fastened to the wall. Then, the typical three layers of joint compound are added. After each layer, the wall is sanded to give a smoother surface.”

Steps are currently being taken to improve drywall’s qualities as an interior wall material. Since drywall is susceptible to water damage and mould due to its paper content, a specially treated paperless variant is being developed.

Professional Cambridge drywall services are just one of the many things offered by companies like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo; they can bundle such services with a paint job once the walls go up. Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial build, their expertise will certainly make the difference.

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