Cambridge Drywall Services Providers Explain How Drywall Damage Occurs

Damage to drywall can severely compromise the appearance and structure of your home if you don’t get the necessary repairs in time. Some damages such as popped nails are simple and just need the right tools, however, your home in Cambridge may have significant issues that require the expertise of a professional. Hiring drywall services providers should be done early to avoid aggravating the situation. Before you look for the most suitable company to hire for the needed services, it is useful to learn about how the damage occurs. How did those holes or cracks get on your drywall? Such information will make it easier to explain the problem when requesting a quote.

Water Damage

Drywall that is exposed to moisture will cause unsightly stains that can ruin your interior décor. Water tends to weaken the composition of drywall, so the longer the exposure, the bigger the damage. A water-clogged drywall is also an ideal breeding ground for mould and other organisms, which can be harmful to the household. The water may be leaking from a burst pipe or broken joint in your plumbing. Whatever the cause, it must be fixed before repairing the drywall. The drywall services you hire will determine from where exactly the moisture is generating. After repairs, ensure that such an incident doesn’t resurface by providing proper plumbing maintenance.

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Cracks from Settling

Small cracks in your drywall may not seem like much, but after a while, they can grow and become a real problem. Large cracks can extend to the foundation of the home and compromise the structural integrity of the property. House settling is one reason your drywall is developing cracks. Moisture can also cause drywall to crack due to weakness.

Accidental Damage

Some of the cracks and holes in the drywall of your home may be the result of various accidents. A home with kids can have more than a few of these instances. When you have toys and other objects being knocked against the drywall all the time, it is bound to crack. Furniture can also cause significant drywall damage, especially when moving house.

Termite and Rat Damage

You may need to call in a drywall services company to conduct repairs due to mice or termite damage. When these organisms get into the drywall, they can leave baseboards crumbling, paint bubbling, and holes gaping all over the place. The right repair services will provide quality fixes and prevent further damage to your drywall.


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