Don’t DIY: In Case of Damage, Get Cambridge Drywall Services from Pros

As a quicker and more convenient alternative to traditional plaster, drywall has risen in popularity for use in making interior walls and ceilings. While professional drywallers are often employed to install this particular building material, it’s easy enough for Ontario home carpenters to install it by themselves.

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However, the advantages of do-it-yourself drywall projects came with a very high cost when a number of Canadian and American homeowners began to report health problems in connection with the use of a particular type of Chinese drywall in their homes. An article from Spanos Environmental provided further details on the issue:

Homeowners from several communities in B.C.’s Lower Mainland have joined the flood of callers to a U.S. consumer group investigating Chinese drywall that has allegedly begun to sicken North Americans.

Thomas Martin, president of America’s Watchdog, says that in the past two weeks about a dozen Lower Mainland callers have all reported experiencing the same nose bleeds, breathing problems and allergy-type symptoms that have affected homeowners across the U.S. Continued exposure could result in severe health problems, the group says.“This type of drywall was produced with materials that emit toxic hydrogen sulphide gas and other sulphide gases,” says a copy of one home inspection report obtained Canwest News Service on an affected Florida home where Chinese drywall was installed. “These sulphide gases are also alleged to cause serious health conditions and illnesses, such as shortness of breath, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, eye irritations and respiratory difficulties.”

While not all situations might be as serious as the rash of toxic drywall from China, damaged drywall can still pose significant dangers to Ontario homeowners. For example, water damage can encourage the formation of molds and mildew which can lead to breathing problems for a home’s occupants. Broken drywall can also provide breeding spaces for cockroaches, termites, rats, and other unwanted pests. In addition, damaged drywall forms an unsightly part of any home and ruins aesthetic investments.

While drywall can be installed by amateurs as part of a DIY home improvement project, repairing ruined drywall is still best left to professionals who already have extensive experience in the field. For instance, providers of Cambridge drywall services such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo make the entire process a stress-free one for homeowners and reduce their exposure to potential toxic substances by using only materials of the highest quality.
Once drywall damage is detected in interior ceilings or walls, immediate intervention by providers of Cambridge drywall services (or those in other nearby areas) is a must to avoid further deterioration and mitigate potential risks.

(Source: Toxic Chinese Drywall Accused for Health Problems in Canada, U.S., Spanos Environmental)