Drywall Services Explain How Drywall Moisture Damage Happens

Many homeowners assume that the moisture stains they see on their drywall are caused by a pipe leak. More often than not, these stains are simply caused by condensation. This is especially true during winter months, and your Cambridge drywall services would like to share with you how this happens.

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Almost all interior air contains some level of moisture. Condensation forms when the air’s moisture content comes in contact with a significantly colder surface. This moisture in the air, which is basically water in vapor form, changes to liquid when it reaches a certain temperature. The temperature at which this transformation happens depend on three factors:

  • The amount of moisture in the air
  • The air temperature
  • The temperature of the cold object

These variables, combined with the conditions in the interior living environment, explains why condensation forms one time and not another, even under seemingly identical situations.

Moisture is the enemy of many construction materials such as drywall. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible to keep such materials protected all the time. Left unattended, moisture in drywall can cause peeling paint, dissolution, and mold growth. To fix such problems, you must first address the moisture issue before you can proceed with repairing the drywall itself.

Preventing excess indoor air moisture

Many building codes require homeowners to install vent fans in bathrooms that do not have operable windows. Even if your bathroom has such a window, installing a vent fan in the area can help dispel excess moisture in the air. If this is impossible, try to make a habit of opening the bathroom window after taking a hot bath.

Choosing a glossy paint finish for your drywall can also help keep moisture at bay. The shiny finish will resist moisture because condensation will simply runoff instead of being absorbed by the material. There are semi-gloss paint products specially made for areas with high humidity. Look to use these on your drywall.

If your drywall has already suffered some form of damage from moisture, have a Cambridge drywall services professional take a look at it. Depending on the level of damage, your drywall may only need to be repainted, or require complete replacement. Either way, it’s important to have your damaged drywall repaired immediately to prevent the problem from worsening.



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