Drywall Services: Unconventional Drywall Use You May Not Know About

Almost everyone has, at some point, lived in, or worked in, a building with drywall built in. It’s a staple type of wall in any house, but it can also have many unconventional uses in both permanent and temporary structures.

Unconventional Drywall Use

Temporary Room Splitter

Many buildings now have the facility for rooms to be changed at will. This is particularly popular in shared buildings where business often move in and out, and walls need to be changed to accommodate the new tenants. A cheap divider looks unprofessional and cannot split a room into two or three smaller ones, yet floor voids provide excellent space for sliding slots into which pre-cut drywall can be placed. If properly installed, this effectively allows planners to chop and change a room into as small or as large a setup as they wish. Cheap divider walls do not afford the same privacy; they allow sound to travel unrestricted and look like they are of poor quality. Yet a Cambridge drywall services provider such as CertaPro Painters can install drywall dividers that suddenly turn an office into two or three with a professional look to boot.

False Walls

As odd and unusual as it may sound, many buildings that are based in a high risk setting have false walls in place to cover up escape routes. This is not the ‘Hollywood Blockbuster’ setup that may initially come to mind, but more embassies, banks and similar buildings where safe routes outside need to be hidden from public view. Drywall installations provide a sturdy yet easily moved solution; the walls are thick, can be painted or acclimatised to look like their surroundings, and can be gutted out very easily once not needed.

Temporary Buildings

Those portakabins at festivals, building sites and work yards are like buildings all on their own. Inside, they contain several rooms separated by drywall. Again, the benefit of this is that the portakabins can effectively be moulded to suit their purpose; once the project or job has finished, the drywall can be taken out (and often reused.)

The overarching benefit of drywall in these circumstances is that it is easy to remove, easy to install and relatively inexpensive whilst providing a sound, solid looking wall. It maintains an air of professionalism in its appearance, and has been a favourite for years. Ask a Cambridge drywall services company such as CertaPro Painters on how a drywall can apply to your structure’s needs.


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