Drywall Water Damage: Fix the Leak, Then Call for Drywall Services

Water damage can be truly frustrating, especially when the ravages over time on the roofing and basement of your Cambridge home begin to manifest on your drywall with its abstract art of stains and molds. When water damage becomes noticeable on the walls, it makes your home less than an ideal place for social gatherings.  Eventually, blisters, bulges and cracks begin to form. How long will you have to wait before addressing the source of the leak, and hiring professional drywall services to restore the integrity of your walls.

Drywall Water Damage: Fix the Leak, Then Call for Drywall Services

How water works its way through a drywall

Drywall is alternatively called ‘sheetrock’ because it’s mainly composed of gypsum, a very soft kind of rock, compressed and wrapped only with a thick paper facing. Water that leaks due to melting ice dams, plumbing issues, or roofing problems, pools within the gypsum, making it spongy. Eventually, the damage seeps through the painted paper face, creating stains, bulges and tears. Usually, when this happens, mold infestation has already set in, especially when the interior component of the drywall has been damp for a long time.

Even if standards against water intrusion is strictly followed during construction, water damage is still imminent. Moisture-related damage isn’t only caused by leaks from the outside, but by high moisture level in the interior as well. For instance, drywalls in closed areas, such as the bathroom are more prone to damage than those exposed to open air. In less serious cases, damage can be repaired with dehumidification and paint patch ups. However, if the damage includes signs of rot, replacement would be the only way to restore your wall.

When removing the damaged section, locate the stud or joists, using the cut-lines as guide. A new drywall is then fitted and the seams are then filled with a joint compound, and further concealed with a drywall tape. The wall is sanded before repainting. Professional companies, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, ON, that also serves Cambridge, offer drywall services and painting, employing special methods to provide longer-lasting results.

Nevertheless, no amount of scrubbing and patching can take serious water damage off your wall. Unaddressed leaks will continue to pool in your drywall’s gypsum and bleed through every new coating you apply. It is therefore advisable to fix the source of the leak first, before having your damaged drywall replaced or restored.


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