Ensure Painters Deliver on Deck Staining Projects with this Checklist

Most people today are cognisant of a glaring fact that well-built decks will enhance the overall look and value of their homes. Therefore, they look for the best painters in Kitchener, Cambridge and the surrounding areas to carry out deck staining projects for them. Such instances include the times decks lose their sealants after experiencing harsh weather conditions.

Simple Processes

There are simple processes that the experts who offer painting and staining services will perform on your deck before the staining project commences, including cleaning your deck. The painters will start by removing the old finish, mould, and, staining on the deck and then clean it using a specialised solution. Ensure that they have the necessary materials for cleaning your deck. These include solutions that contain phosphoric, percarbonate, citric, or oxalic acid.

Ensure Painters Deliver on Deck Staining Projects with this Checklist


Decks normally have loose debris, and to remove these, painters may need to power-wash them. If you own a deck that is made of treated wood, the best pressure to use will be 1500 PSI. If there are damaged boards, the painter should work to replace or modify them. It is only after these steps are taken that the painting contractor can continue with the deck staining and painting procedures.

Best Sealers and Stains

When it comes to the sealer or stain, you should ensure that that it can prevent your wood from fading, and can repel water and resist mildew. Semi-transparent stains are very popular because they lend a particular tint to the wood while allowing you to see its texture and natural grain. You should conduct some research to ensure that the company you choose provides the best seals and stains for your deck. It takes two to three hours for a deck to get dry, and once it does, the painting specialist should re-stain or re-seal it on the same day. The painters should be flexible in discussing with you about the best colour for your deck. They should also ensure that it dries up evenly without cracking or bubbling.

Refinishing the Deck

Experts recommend that you refinish your deck after one and a half to two years. It is better if you bring in the same professional who did the original painting to carry out the exercise. In this regard, you should only hire established companies the first time so that you are sure of getting the best refinishing services.

Timely Services

Most people hire painting companies for deck staining projects because they can be time-consuming. You should ensure that the company you are hiring can complete the job within the set deadlines.


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