Expert Kitchener Painters Can Give Rooms Different Shades of White

Colour may only seem like a purely aesthetic matter, but it actually affects how people look at something. According to HGTV, “Color—whether architectural or in products—accounts for 60 percent of our response to an object or a place.” In the house, homeowners would want their rooms to have a colour scheme that would make them feel good whenever they enter and stay in it. This can be done with the help of expert Kitchener painters.

Expert Kitchener Painters Can Give Rooms Different Shades of White

When it comes to room paint, one would think of different colours from red to blue to green, but one particular colour that should be given due consideration white. It may seem like a rather plain colour, but it’s actually the simplicity that makes it so great. When you enter a white room, the space feels balanced and the atmosphere is calming. Also, there’s no denying that a white room looks really inviting and makes you want to just sit down and relax.

It may seem simple enough to make a room white, but in reality choosing white paint can be really complicated. People think that white is just white when there are actually different shades of white, with each shade triggering its own emotional response and bringing about a different look. For example: bright, cool whites give a crisp, modern look while warmer whites give a more mellow feeling. Knowing what look and feel a homeowner wants a particular room to convey will help him picking the right shade of white.

Bedrooms usually get creamy white because they make a room feel relaxing while living rooms are ideal for the cool whites since they create a feeling of serenity. Matching this with white furniture will create that sense of newness no matter how many times you’ve entered the room. Another idea is pairing white with black furniture or paint to create a very elegant feel. The wonderful thing with white is that it goes well with almost any colour and each combination brings unique, wonderful looks.

Remember: when used correctly, white can make any room look simple, relaxing, elegant or all of the above. Homeowners who want to have their own white room should get in touch with professional painters in Guelph such as the CertaPro Painters of Waterloo. Let them help you bring out the best in any room through the right shade of white.



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