Fire-Resistant Homes with Expert Cambridge Drywall Services

The website has a special section that dispenses tips to homeowners on how they can build a better home that’s compliant with Canada’s safety regulations. Modern homes shouldn’t just be built for comfort; they also need to be properly outfitted to prevent accidents and injuries. The guide stresses that homes can’t be built unless their owners obtain a building permit which certifies that the structure meets safety standards. The following are the reviews the local government performs in order to determine compliance:

“Zoning Review – Drawings are reviewed to ensure your project will conform to the Zoning By-law. Zoning requirements specify the uses permitted within a particular area, the building setbacks, building height, and lot coverage. You should contact a Zoning officer 519.740.4650 to determine the specific requirements for your proposed construction.

Architectural/Structural Review – Drawings are reviewed to ensure compliance with structural, fire and life safety requirements of the Building Code.

Mechanical Review – Drawings are reviewed to ensure compliance with heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC), and plumbing requirements of the Building Code.

Of the various hazards that threaten to destroy a home, fire is one of the most dangerous and prolific of them all. It doesn’t take too much to start a fire, as even the smallest flame can erupt into a serious conflagration that can consume an entire house within a few hours. Homeowners should create a home that’s compliant with fire safety standards, and the use of fire resistant drywall panels installed by capable Cambridge drywall services can certainly contribute to achieving this.

Cambridge Drywall Services

Drywall refers to a material commonly used as wall panelling, made from pressed slabs of gypsum typically sandwiched between two layers of thick paper. The gypsum in drywall serves as a deterrent to encroaching flames. The high water content of gypsum (in crystallized form) can help inhibit the fire’s advance until it completely boils off, effectively delaying the blaze long enough for the authorities to respond.

Not only can drywall serve as a fire retardant, it can also reduce sound transmission between walls, making it a great way to preserve a living space’s privacy. While drywall is relatively easy to maintain, only expert Cambridge drywall services, such as those rendered by CertaPro Painters, can guarantee lasting results from a repair work. Professional drywall installation and repair can optimize the many benefits this versatile construction material offers.

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