Hire Cambridge Drywall Services to Avoid Costly Installation Mistakes

Mold and stains are telltale signs that your drywall needs replacement. You must not take this issue lightly because damage on your drywall will gradually affect your home’s insulation until you feel its impact on your monthly bill. You might get tempted to rely on DIY drywall installation tips found on the Web, but to be safe, hand over the job to professionals. Companies in Cambridge providing drywall services, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, are just one phone call away.


What You Need to Know about Drywall

Many partitions in modern homes are made of drywall. This material consists of powdered gypsum sandwiched between two thick layers of paper. The result is a flat, hard ply that can be attached to a wooden frame. Installing, coating, and replacing a drywall require skills, which means even if you go over comprehensive tips on drywall installation, you won’t match the workmanship of a professional installer. Even worse, you could make mistakes that would entail costly repairs.

Common Drywall Installation Mistakes

One of the common mistakes in drywall installation is failing to mark the location of the framing members. When this happens, odds are, you will rely on your instinct when spotting the frame. However, hit and miss is too risky, and missing will only ruin the ply. A careful layout will make it easier for you to nail your drywall spot on, and avoid leaving ugly trails of faulty nailing.

Another common mistake is not providing enough support at the edges. If you fasten the ply too far to the edge, the nails won’t hold the ply for long. In a couple of years or less, you will see the ply snapping off the frame. Providers of Cambridge drywall services usually ensure that there is enough frame to hammer a nail on, or at least a few centimeters of space from the edge to drive screws on.

Lining up a drywall sheet with the edge of a door or window is also a known mistake many DIYers make when installing drywall. Although it looks geometrically correct, it’s the reaction of the drywall to gradual changes in your home’s structure that makes it wrong. Cracks along the joint may start to appear after even a mild earthquake.

Finding an Experienced Drywall Installer

You may think that you can just hide your mistakes under the painting of your drywall. However, marks of poor workmanship will appear as soon as the paint fades. It would always be better to hire professional Cambridge drywall services. Not only will enlisting the expertise of real handymen ensure smooth installation, but it will also save you from future repair costs.



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