Hire Professional Drywall Services to Remove Drywall or Dry in Place

cambridge drywall servicesA common building material is drywall which is made of gypsum core placed in between two paper-based sheets. A drywall is easy to build, but it can also weaken and get damaged easily when exposed to water. When your Cambridge property’s drywall has been damaged, professional drywall services are often needed to remove moisture from them and prevent mould growth. There are several factors that you need to consider when deciding whether you want the professionals to remove the drywall or dry it in place.

Sagging Ceiling

A sagging and wet drywall ceiling should be removed to hasten the drying process. This should be done because sagging ceilings trap a lot of moisture which prevents other important structural components from drying up. Even if the drywall can be dried, however, it cannot return to its perfect condition; therefore, it should be replaced eventually. A sagging ceiling is extremely dangerous, so it’s advisable to have it removed by professionals specializing in providing drywall services as soon as possible.


Insulation in your exterior drywall is also a factor that will determine whether or not you should remove the wet part. In most cases, water saturated insulation can take a long time to dry, soit might be cheaper to remove it from the wet drywall. Professionals who provide drywall services can also blow hot air into the cavity with the aim of drying it. This is achieved by drilling small holes to make the walls dry from the inside. You should keep in mind that this can only be done in a category one water damage situation.

Wall Layers

Restoring a multi-layered wall is tough. These walls are mostly found where there is a need for noise reduction or where a fire breaker is required. Some of these places include elevator shafts and fire-rated walls. Drying multi-layered walls that are damaged by water could be a daunting task. This requires invasive inspection before any decisions are made. If you decide to dry it, seek the help of experts in drywall services because they have specialised equipment to dry the area quickly and efficiently. If your plan is to remove it, then you should consult a structural engineer or a fire marshal to avoid mishaps.


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