The Importance of Understanding Your Painting Services Estimates

Most homeowners prefer hiring Kitchener painters to paint decks and the interior or exteriors of their homes, roofs, and fences instead of doing it themselves. However, on receiving the estimates for the projects, they fail to understand how their painting companies arrived at particular figures. What clients fail to understand is that, when coming up with painting estimates, the experts consider loads of factors.

Every Space is Unique

Each surface has its needs as far as painting is concerned. Some may need single coats of paint while others may need three. Some walls have imperfections such as water stains, dents, and nail pops that require repairs before the painting can commence. The last painting job of a home may entail the use of lead-based paints. Only lead-safe painters can work in such homes as they have the training and equipment to handle such jobs. All these factors may contribute to the painting services estimate your contractor will give you.

importance of understanding your painting services estimates

Property Protection and Prep Work

Before a painting job commences, the expert may need to prepare the property. This step will determine the outcome of a painting job. Prep work will entail covering all parts that do not require painting with drop cloths, masking tape and so on. Some of the surfaces that may need covering include flower beds, furniture, appliances, floors and others. The work involved in this exercise will influence the figures you receive from your painter.

Scope of the Project

The extent of your project matters as well. The charges for painting your walls will differ from those where the scope includes other parts such as ceilings.

Products for the Project

The paint products used in a project will contribute to its overall cost. There are different types of stains and paints on the market today, and their quality will certainly affect the estimates given by painters.


Every project has a working timeline, and the number of people you hire for a particular job will affect both the deadline and cost of the project. For instance, you can’t expect the same output when you hire one painter to work on four bedrooms of a home and when you hire four specialists for the same task.

Professionals are Insured

Most professional painters are insured, and this covers the projects and their employees. When incidents such as falling ladders damage neighbour’s fences occur, they will handle such situations without difficulties. Some painter’s estimates will factor in their insurance costs.

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