Kitchener Painters Add Character to Various Rooms in Six Colorful Ways

When it comes to choosing a color for a particular room, homeowners are often undecided and stick to white.  Adding color enhances a mood in the room, and provides an appropriate backdrop for the room’s activities.  The Huffington Post lists six basic color suggestions and their application to each room to help out with the owners’ decision-making, and to the delight of Kitchener painters:

picking house colors

The crowd-pleasers

Manchester Tan is a versatile color that isn’t sterile like white and boring like beige. In short, it’s safe without looking like a cop-out. It’s the perfect choice for owners who fear drastic color shifts. It is recommended for kitchens.

Another adaptable shade is Cloisonne Blue, which is ideal for bedrooms with its soft hints of grey.

Furniture flatterers

Rockport Gray and Deep Chocolate Brown both have ways of making wooden furniture and accessories like framed photographs pop with an air of sophistication. The colors are inconspicuous and apply to many rooms. Unlike a cold shade of gray, these warm colors work well in cozying up or adding a little drama to the living room and dining room areas.

Calming effect

Lastly, Sage green hues such as Sea Salt and yellowish Golden Apricot are both very sedate and give a feeling of tranquility in bathrooms and powder rooms, where it is certainly needed.  Golden Apricot can complement every skin tone, given the proper lighting.

Depending on the room’s purpose, there can be no hard and fast rules about which color is suitable. Only the homeowners know what the purpose of each room is and how it should be executed. Experienced house painters in Guelph like CertaPro Painters can offer suggestions and add new life to each room.

(Source: “The 6 Best Paint Colors That Work In Any Home, So Stop With The White Already”, 23 January 2014,