Kitchener Painters for your Apartment: Facts on Colors in Small Spaces

If you want to restore your apartment’s intrinsic and natural appeal, or if you simply want to put your own special touch into the place, then hiring Kitchener painters, like those from CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, could be one of the best ways to spruce up your space. Nevertheless, know that the limited space of your apartment room could be made to look larger with the type and color of paints you choose, as well as how they are applied. Here are some tips you might find valuable:

colors for small spaces kitchener painters

Use Sharp Colors

The best way to brighten up your small space is to use bright, sharp colors that contrast harmoniously with each other to get an amazing effect. For instance, you can mix bright red with an electric shade of blue, or stunning yellows amidst cool, soothing light greens. Moreover, make sure that there’s an empty space in between each color combination, such as an unpainted corner – this enhances the room’s feel of clarity and openness.

Same Color, Different Shades

Here are some tips from HGTV on how you can play around a single color, though using different shades of it:

“Just as different wall colors can divide your apartment into different work areas, different shades of the same color can unite all the rooms, as can a pattern that’s repeated. “In a small space, in particular, these little touches — the pillow that matches the lampshade fabric, the style of the mirror that echoes a side table — can all add up to a cohesive space,” McCauley says.”

Shrink or Blow Up

You can manipulate the paint in your apartment walls to make it appear like some walls are smaller, while others are much larger than they really are. You can achieve this by using light colors for tiny spaces that you want to accentuate or expand, while using darker colors like navy blue or dark green or chocolate to make fixtures or walls look like they’ve shrunk. Use these techniques to your advantage and voila: you have a multi-dimensional apartment using nothing but paint.

Black for Accent

An excellent way to ground your apartment space and to accentuate all the different color combinations you have going on is to use black, preferably on a central fixture like a coffee table set. When your guests see the black fixture, the spaces around the light paint color on your walls will only be made clearer.

Ask your dependable painters in Cambridge about any more tips on expanding the small space you have. Your apartment doesn’t have to feel small or stuffy – with the right knowledge and a good eye for color, you can get the large space you’ve always wanted without smashing a single wall.

(Source: Color Rules for Small Spaces, HGTV)