A Look at the Different Types of Paints Professional Painters Use

The products used for a painting project will dictate how good it turns out. When hiring painters in Kitchener and Cambridge, one consideration to remember is checking the quality and suitability of products. Paints come in different types and grades, and they all have specific roles to play. Typically, the type of pain that painters use will depend on the surface.

Water and Oil-based Paints

Water-based paints are suitable for surfaces that are not too demanding. The choice of water-based paints is due to their quick drying times, uncomplicated clean up, and flexibility with finishes. These paints also offer colour stability, meaning there is no yellowing of surfaces over time.

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Oil-based paints, on the other hand, offer the durability of surfaces and are attractive. Oil-based paints are common choices for doors, woodwork, and furniture. Alkyds are viable alternatives to oil-based paints.


Priming surfaces before applying coat paint is best for durability. Painters use different types of primers for various surfaces. The painters Cambridge you hire will have to look at the surfaces in your home that need priming before recommending the best products. For example, the primers used on plaster and masonry are not the same ones used on woodwork.

Finish Coats

The finish coats come after the base coats, and there are several options to go with. Some homeowners today combine paint finishes to come up with unique decorative coats. If that is what you are looking for, Kitchener painters can provide suggestions.

Gloss and satin are the best choices when going for that sheen look in the interior of your home. Satin is slightly less shiny than gloss and is ideal for woodwork. The two paint finishes are very durable and will withstand regular cleaning.

Eggshell also gives a sheen but of a lower degree. It is highly durable and is perfect for areas considered too demanding such as kitchens.

Finally, matte is perfect when looking to combat imperfections on surfaces. It offers less sheen compared to other paints. If you are going for a textural element in the interior of your home, then matte will do.

Before beginning with a painting job, ask about the types of paints and what they are used for. The surfaces will determine the types of paints. It will give you some peace when you know that the painters you hired will ensure that the paintwork they provide will only be of the highest quality.



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