Make Your Small Space Appear Roomier: Color Tricks from the Painters

So you’ve recently moved out of mom and dad’s house and now live in your own flat in Kitchener. However, its tiny floor space is making it a bit less homey for you, having to endure the discomfort of moving and living in a cramped space. Well, there are easy ways to let your place breathe—or at least create the illusion of it. Aside from decluttering and the good old mirror trick, expert painters can actually help make your place look bigger with the right shades and color combos.

When painting your room to make it appear larger, consider the combination of paint colors, the degree of gloss, and how the shine and colors work together. Lighter colors will brighten up your space as well as make your walls look broader. Reflective surfaces will disperse light, making the space seem roomier. Colors can be selected and combined to give your room a more spacious feel.

Lighten up

With clothing, you know that the darker the color, the slimmer you look; the same concept applies to space. Light colors reflect light, giving the space an open and airy feel, whereas dark colors absorb light, making the room appear compressed. Soft tones of blues and greens are relaxing, airy colors, for instance. suggests sticking with more neutral colors like beige and cream. According to, when you paint your wall trim and molding with light colors, the walls recede, making the room appear larger than it is.

Just the right contrast

Finding the right color combinations and perfect contrasts are keys to create the illusion of space, without losing depth and dimension. Uniformity will make your space look larger, but for contrast, paint your walls, trims, and ceiling in different shades of the same color.  Consider painting one wall with a different, bolder color as this can make the wall appear as if it’s receding, helping ground the space, while contrasting and highlight the other lighter colored walls.

Use paint of good quality

The quality of paint matters a lot. Low quality paints tend to look chalky and will fail to deliver the desired effect, not to mention the frequent retouches you’ll have to do in the future. Pick your paint with the right luster—not too shiny nor too dull. Professional Warterloo painters from CertaPro, also servicing Cambridge and Kitchener, can help transform your room—from helping you choose the right paint down to the actual painting—without hassle and stress.

Space is sometimes just a matter of perception. Take note of the abovementioned tips when repainting your apartment, and magically create the open space in your room that should fall easy on the eyes.

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