Nailed It: Cambridge Drywall Services Can Help You Remove Nail Pops

Nail pops, which are results of construction nails getting loose and bursting out of the drywall, are quite common in homes. These push out of the paint and create small bumps or cracks and can be unsightly. Comprehensive Cambridge drywall services can help you remove these pops and make your walls look fresh and free of any blemishes.

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Nail pops are usually caused by either an incorrect installation of drywall or damp lumber. Lumber gets moist over time and the wall studs shrink as they dry, creating a gap between it and the drywall. The nail head pops when the drywall is pushed against the stud.

The necessary tools that are needed to deal with nail pops are a hammer, drill, or a screwdriver, and some nails. The first thing to check with the pops is if the nail is sunken about 1/32 inch. Do not drive it in too deep, or the paper surface will break, and the drywall will be worn out. One method is to spread some spackling compound over the area and to sand it down when it dries. You can also grab some nails and drive a new one adjacent to the popped nail.

The problem of nail pops can be prevented by having dried lumber used on the walls. The lumber should also be properly aligned because it is important that the drywall makes contact with it. The spacing of the nails is also important to lessen nail pops in the future. For new installations, have the builder wait a while before fitting in the drywall; this allows the lumber to dry and lessens the chances of nail pops.

Nail pops are something that is almost inevitable in most homes. Over time, the nails find a way to push out of the walls. These pops are unappealing when left alone, so it would eventually have to be dealt with. Luckily, the fix isn’t that difficult and you can have the nail pops gone in no time. You can count on dependable Cambridge drywall services from companies like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo to have the entire drywall replaced if the pops are getting out of control and patches just aren’t enough.

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