Why Owners Should Team Up with Painting Companies for Kitchener Homes

Going on a diet? A kitchen wall with red hues or accents may not be the best choice to keep off weight. The color red has been found to stimulate appetites, and other colors can also have various interesting effects on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of a home’s occupants. In a WebMD article, color consultant Leslie Harrington explained the deeper role of color inside a home:

painting companies for kitchener homes

“Color is a universal, nonverbal language, and we all intuitively know how to speak it,” says Leslie Harrington, a color consultant in Old Greenwich, Conn. and a noted expert on the use of color in residential and industrial decor. “What color you paint your walls isn’t just a matter of aesthetics. It’s a tool that can be leveraged to affect emotions and behavior.”

Red in the kitchen might be a bad choice for dieters, but when painted on living room walls along with yellow, brown, and beige shades, it actually encourages people to get into conversations; this complements the social function of living rooms. Blues and greens provide a calming effect, making them perfect for bedrooms and similar sleeping areas. Other colors also influence productivity, happiness, and cleanliness, thus making correct interior paint choices a crucial step in designing a home.

With all the colors, combinations, and hues available combined with the number of rooms that a house might contain, Ontario homeowners may find it a serious challenge to even begin deciding on what they want. As a stress-free alternative to making it a do-it-yourself project, contracting painting companies for Kitchener homes is one of the better ways to deal with the undertaking.

As part of their painting services for Kitchener clients, companies such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo employ color experts that homeowners can consult regarding the schemes they want for their interiors. These professionals can even paint actual paint samples on walls to show homeowners how it would look like, allowing the latter to evaluate their choices during different times of the day–as well as how these colors blend with various furniture and other existing implements.

Because a home’s color scheme will last for years, it is important that the right choices be made to make each room a comfortable and pleasant space for family members to spend time in.

(Source: Color Psychology: How to Make Your Home Feel Good, WebMD)