Painters can Help You Narrow Down Your Choices for Exterior Paint

Surprisingly, the hardest part of changing the colour of your home’s exterior isn’t the actual painting process: it’s actually the planning process that can cause some difficulties. With the wide range of colour choices available in the market, it’s understandably difficult on your part to choose a particular paint colour (or colours) that you want for your home’s exterior.exterior paint choices

Homeowners who decide to change the exterior colour of their home face the same pressure. After all, exterior hues can have a huge effect on the entire street, and you can’t exactly afford to make the wrong choice of colour. Thankfully, with these tips from trusted Kitchener painters, you can easily and confidently choose the right paint colour that can transform and bring life to your home’s exterior.

Choose Three (or More) Colours

Every exterior paint scheme must consist of at least three colours, namely the field, the trim, and the accent colours. The field colour would end up being the dominant colour of your home’s exterior, and would consequently affect your choice of trim and accent. Keep in mind, though, that lighter colours, though effective in making your home appear bigger, tend to present a flimsy appearance. Conversely, darker colours provide homes a stronger appearance, though it can visually shrink a house.

Even if the field colour is the one that passersby would notice first, remember that it’s the trim colour that could make or break a particular exterior scheme. Choosing one colour for both the field and the trim colour will give your home an unfinished look, while opting for a darker trim colour will make your windows look like frames hanging on the walls. Your best and safest bet, then, is to choose a lighter colour for the trim.

Consider Unchangeable Elements

Unless you plan on undergoing a complete renovation, surfaces like roof shingles, pathways, and driveways won’t be changing colour anytime soon. Take this time to have a closer look on these elements and look for undertones that might inform your palette. This is an important factor to consider, as you’ll need to choose colours that will blend harmoniously with these fixed elements. Otherwise, your home’s exterior would be a mess of different colours.

Once you’ve decided on particular colours for your home’s exterior, it’s time to call professional painters in Guelph, like the CertaPro Painters of Waterloo. They can work with you as early as the planning stage, and you can be assured that, in their hands, your home’s exterior will look vibrant and colourful in the years to come.


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