Painters Can Tell You How to Match Your Bedroom’s Color Scheme to Your Desired Mood

Interior design is more than just the art of putting together themes and features that make your house aesthetically pleasing. In a sense, it’s also a science of Cambridge Painterscreating a healthier environment for the home’s inhabitants. Of all the aspects of decorating, choosing a color for each room is perhaps among the most important. After all, psychology tells us that the color of your surroundings can influence your emotions and state of mind.

So, what then is the right color for one’s bedroom? The answer depends on your personality and the mood you want to set in that particular space. Here are a few color options suggested by painters in Cambridge and elsewhere to help you decide.

For the Productive Work-at-Home Employee

There’s a certain appeal to working in the comfort of your own home, which is why the modern, practical professional’s bedroom serves as a workspace as well. If you want a similar arrangement, your room needs to be painted in a color that can help you stay productive throughout the day. The color green promotes creative thought and broader thinking, while simultaneously lending the space much-needed calmness. Having your room painted green will be one step towards that stress-free work environment you’ve always longed for.

For the Weary Worker in Search of Rest

After a long day’s work, most people still consider their bedroom a sacred place of rest and relaxation. They choose to keep all talk of work outside so that they can replenish their energy for tomorrow. If you’re such a person, choose to paint your walls in a lighter shade of blue. Blue’s soothing, cool tone promotes a sense of peace and harmony, giving the room an organized feel to it. Psychologists also say that blue makes the mind more serene and tranquil to help you fall into slumber faster and sleep longer. Now, that’s a delightful treat after a grueling commute.

For the Sophisticated, Private Individual

People are drawn to the neutral hue of black because it is a symbol of authority, strength and intelligence. This color also represents privacy, making it perfect for a very intimate space like the bedroom. From a decorator’s standpoint, black gives you a lot of room for creativity. If you choose to go with black, you can add some elegant patterns, fancy ornaments and mood lighting. You’re free to make the space your own so long as what you include doesn’t clash with the main color scheme.

Colors have different properties that can be utilized to create your ideal bedroom. Professionals from reputable companies, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, can offer you assistance when picking the best options.


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