Painting 101: Essential Contents of a Painting Services Contract

Contracting a painting project to professionals is always a preferable choice, especially when you can’t find enough time in a day. Painting companies in Kitchener provide various services that would be perfect when you need to get fresh paintwork for the interior or exterior of your home. Take time to find the best contractor for your domestic painting requirements. However, before signing a contract for painting services, get a good look at its contents first. There are some elements you should check out before agreeing to the contract.

Areas to Paint

A contract should carefully indicate the type of paintwork that a particular painting company will be responsible for. Decide if it’s the whole house, the interiors only, the exterior or just a few rooms. Cover all the areas that will need painting from the kitchen counters to the floors to the windows. Both parties should be clear about the work that needs to be done.

Paint Colours

You should find out if the contract specifies the colours for each area. One common mistake you can make is to agree vaguely with the painter on a colour and then disagree about it after completion of a job. To avoid such trouble, ensure the experts you are hiring for painting services in Kitchener have precise instructions on the colour choices.


The contract should contain information about how a painting company is going to carry out the preparation and cleanup. If you aren’t responsible for the preparations, be certain that the painters will do a good job of it. Find out if the painter will wash the walls, clean the woodwork, and scrape off the old paint. If there are moulding issues, find out how painting companies will take care of it. You may also do some of the preparations and leave minor work for the painters. Stipulate these in the contract.


Find out if the contract includes the protection measures a painting company will take during the project. You must have guarantees that the furniture, appliances and carpeting will not be damaged during interior painting. For exterior paintwork, learn about how painters intend to protect plants, patio furniture, and other items. Some professional painting companies, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, offer warranties with their services. Attention to detail will better one painting company over the next one.

Painting Costs

When looking over a contract for painting services, check the costs. It may seem apparent but it helps to double check the charges before a project begins. Ask about the formula a painting company uses to come up with the total cost. Remember that this is not an estimate. The contract should indicate when you have to make partial payments for the project.


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