Why Painting Companies in Kitchener Can Do the Job Better than DIYers

Home painting can be an expensive project, but it could prove even more expensive if done by unskilled hands. Even Kitchener do-it-yourselfers, who have obtained vast knowledge in home painting from the hundreds of tips they’ve read online, can’t beat the work of reputable painting companies in Kitchener. The pros are simply better at doing the job for two main reasons—they have quite a plethora of painting tools and supplies to work with, and they have the proper skills and training for it.

hire a painting company

Just like any other service provider who uses a surprising variety of equipment to provide good service, home painters also pack in more than just brushes and rollers for the job. An article in About.com discusses the many reasons why professional painters can do the work better than the most committed DIYer:

Has All the Supplies – You need more than paint, a brush, and a roller to paint your house. It’s surprising how much more stuff you need to really paint your house well. There are places where a top-notch paint sprayer is needed. And what about those vaulted ceilings of yours? How will you manage them?

Knows How to Cut-In – “Cutting in” means to paint up to a non-paintable section, such as trim, without masking that area. Masking is effective, but it’s time consuming and if you’re using fine painter’s tape, expensive. Professional painters can cut in with ease and still make the paint look like it had been masked.”

A painter’s skill in cutting in and performing other complex home painting techniques is a sign of expertise acquired from many years in the field. Unfortunately, not all home painters are experts. Some are just starting to gain experience and may not be able to provide the kind of finish expert painters from companies like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo can easily provide. After all, a high quality finish is the hallmark of master craftsmen at work.

It thus pays to take some time in finding reliable painting services in Kitcheners. Sources, such as the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce, can often lead homeowners to the right company. A provider’s customer satisfaction rating is also a good indication of the quality of their work. Likewise, a painting company that offers valuable add-on services, such as assistance in colour choice, is likely one that aims to please their customers and not skimp on quality and details.

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