Why Painting Companies in Kitchener Should Paint Your Rented Flat


Sometimes, circumstances dictate that you have to move out and live your own life in a rental apartment – but you want the place to carry a distinctive flavor. A post in The Borrowed Abode home decoration blog states:

painting companies in kitchener

Seeing as I’m painting several parts of our rental house this month, I thought this would be a good time to talk about painting a rental home (or apartment). First, let’s establish that paint is by far the easiest and cheapest way to jazz up and personalize a rented home. It really is. But before you slap some glossy fire-engine red on your boring apartment-white walls, here are my tips for painting a rental – without pissing off your landlord and maybe even losing your deposit!

The above passage might be too close to home for renters and landlords in Kitchener, ON. A casual look of any apartment suite that is to let, may dissuade potential tenants. But those who agree to take the unit will be determined to make the place as something that speaks about them. Hence, painting companies in Kitchener such as CertaPro Painters can be a win-win situation if the cards are played right.

Painting your flat is attractive as far as individuality goes – but question: will your landlord allow it? The blog author suggested reviewing the lease agreement for provisions against modifications. While the landlord may insist on following the accord to the letter, you can make a case for setting up with a neutral color that will not have to be painted over if you ever move out. Your contractor can be brought into the case by showing the landlord color charts to identify a compromise color, then amend the deal.

Once the legalese has been straightened out, discuss with the contractor the proper hues for the chosen color. Imperfections on the walls may be covered up only with flat paint, which helps the wall be easier to clean. However, a better definition of the apartment can be achieved by painting accent walls in contrasting colors, the post stated. All the while, you need to set up large drop sheets all over the painting area to protect the furniture and the floor.

Letting painting services in Kitchener like CertaPro work over your rental flat – with the landlord’s nod of course – can be fun. You may even earn your landlord’s gratitude when you move out and another tenant wants the unit as well.

(Info from Rental Decorating 101: 6 Tips for Painting Rentals, The Borrower’s Abode)