In Painting Your Home, Should You Hire Professional Painters or DIY?

As a homeowner, getting the house painted is a necessary chore that you have to go through every couple of years, unless, of course, your home has no paint siding or stucco. Often, this task can prove to be quite time-consuming and also labor intensive, which is why many homeowners prefer to outsource the job to painting contractors.

However, there are some who choose the do-it-yourself option, roll up their sleeves, and begin painting each wall gradually till they coat the entire house. This is usually regarded as a money-saving option, and a good summer project. If you’re planning to paint your home in Kitchener and currently torn between hiring professional painters and doing it yourself, this comparison can help you reach an informed decision.

Quality Assurance

When you opt for a competent painting contractor, there is always the assurance that the quality of the work will be of the highest caliber. With professionals, you’re not only paying for the job, but also the peace of mind, knowing that your home will be properly taken care of.

If you choose to DIY, then you must be ready to accept whatever output your efforts are capable of producing. Additionally, you also bear the associated risks involved in climbing tall ladders and swinging your brush.

Colour Choices

Maybe you want to spruce up your house with some amazing colours you saw in a popular magazine, but you can’t seem to find the actual combinations anywhere. Painting companies definitely have more connections in the industry, so even if a colour combination is hard to find, they still stand a better chance of getting them than you.

If you’re painting the house yourself, you may eventually have to settle for whatever is available, since you probably can’t wait forever for your colour combo to be readily available.

Time and Special Equipment

Today, it would seem that there’s hardly enough time to do everything you’re planning to do. If you take on the huge task of painting your home, that’s another commitment to add to your already busy schedule. Moreover, since a half-painted house is often an unseemly sight, choosing to DIY could mean that all your other planned activities may have to be relegated to the background until the painting job is completed.

On the other hand, painting contractors can handle your painting jobs in as little time as possible and with the right set of equipment and with enough manpower.

So there you have it–when it comes to house painting, expert painters like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, who service Kitchener, Cambridge and surrounding areas, are your best option for getting the job done with little or no stress.



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