Painting Issues and the Ideal Time for Exterior Home Painting Services

The paint on the exterior of your home is what people see first when passing by or visiting your home. It, therefore, has to look excellent if you wish to leave a positive first impression. With the sun and the rest of the elements out there, you may need to hire painting services in Kitchener, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, ON, to apply a fresh coat of paint on your home every now and then. In such cases, it is best to avoid the following as they may have a negative impact on your home’s new coat of paint:

Moisture and Rain

Water is one of the substances that causes considerable issues to wet paint. Its effects are damaging even to oil-based paints, making it advisable to hold off the project until the rains subside. Rainfall may also lift the paint’s colourant, leaving an uneven sheen or ugly, uneven streaks of colour.

Shifting temperatures also cause the formation of dew, which makes it difficult for paint to dry. If in such a season, make sure there is a four-hour gap from the time the paintwork is complete to the next temperature drop. If there are wooden sections that you need to paint, the use of latex paint or latex primer by the expert will let the moisture pass through the paint, leaving it undamaged from peeling.


Wrinkling is one of the top consequences of painting your home during the cold months. It comes about due to the slow process of the paint underneath. Peeling and cracking are some of the results when you carry out the project in the dead of winter. They are brought about by the failure of the paint to bond appropriately.

The Ideal Painting Season

Though the above factors may mean holding off the project for a couple of days, worry not as many painting companies have in their possession acrylic technology that allows the project to go on even in colder temperatures. Fall and spring are the best seasons because of their moderate temperatures. You need to exercise care as extreme temperatures may cause paint to dry too fast, which is also not desirable since peeling and cracking may result.

Paint manufacturers always recommend that you carry out such exercises when temperatures hit 10 degrees and above. Though summer comes with desirable temperatures, avoid painting the exterior of your home when the winds are strong as they may introduce dirt and dust particles to your painted surface. With the help of a knowledgeable painter, you will spot that perfect day to give your home that much-needed external coat of fresh paint.


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