Painting Services and Considerations for Antique and Historic Homes

Painting Services: It’s Not Always Out with the Old, in with the NewAny house becomes due for a paint job. But if your Kitchener property is an antique or historic one, that project won’t be just like any other. There are unique factors you should discuss with your chosen contractors before they begin painting services on your home.

Start by asking yourself: “What is my goal for repainting?” Your answer will inform your approach to the project.


Some people paint antique homes with an eye toward preservation. This typically happens when an old building has not been altered significantly since its construction. Its exterior and interior features look the way they always have.

Preservationists focus on repairing features and maintaining original paint as much as possible. Painting services would normally involve cleaning and washing surfaces, as well as coating paints for protection. In touching up surfaces, you would have to pick modern paint formulations that will not damage the original layers.


If your intent is to make your old house look how it did when it was first built – or at any other period when it had great historical or aesthetic significance for Kitchener – you would be planning a restoration.

Restoring an antique property involves researching period-appropriate paint colors for your walls. It doesn’t matter if hues and designs don’t hold up to contemporary tastes; what matters is that they have been recreated.

While historic painting treatments and techniques can also be used during restorations, it is not practical to custom-replicate historical paint formulations. These might no longer meet contemporary quality or safety standards.


Though it can combine elements of preservation and restoration, renovation prioritizes making an old property a better living space for today. You would focus less on whether painting services honor historical authenticity, and more on which kinds of modern paints would be best for your home. You would have more freedom to choose them in terms of your personal taste, as well as eco-friendliness, cost-efficiency, and durability.

Working with Old Wood

Regardless of the approach you’ll take, there is another factor you must consider: the condition of your walls. Weathered wood panels are likely in antique homes, and these make a poor base for new paint. Any coating you apply will stick, but soon peel off.

However, antique wood, when spared from weathering, is very durable and can even be sturdier than some woods commonly used today. You might want to preserve these and repaint on them instead. Either way, it’s something experienced Kitchener painting services can easily help you with.


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