Painting Services in Kitchener Advice: Ways to Get Your House Ready

When it comes to painting a house, whether its exterior or interior, preparing it is half the battle. As a homeowner, it pays to know everything you can in order to get rooms and other places ready for the job you have contracted painting services to do.

Not the One to Prepare?

There are a number of painting companies in Kitchener that include preparation of the areas you want painted, but that doesn’t mean you need to be complacent about the preparation and let them do all the dirty work.

Doing some preparation work yourself will also help you understand what you are paying for if you have an overall idea how to go about the process. For example, you can easily recognize when a painter is doing something wrong and can correct him right away. You may even be prevent a costly mistake.

Wallpaper: To Remove or Not to Remove?

If wallpaper is professionally installed and made of high-quality vinyl material, it can have a useful life of up to 15 years even with little maintenance. When it’s time to change up the design theme of your home and do some color coating, it is advisable to say farewell to your wallpaper. Generally, you would need to remove wallpapers before painting if you want better quality and longer lasting result.

But durability isn’t the only issue here; not removing the wallpaper before applying paint on the wall can give you an ugly result. This is especially true when your wallpaper has been applied in rows. So, when you paint it over, the seams where these rows meet will show through.

Prep the Wall

There are some things that even the best-quality paint can’t cover up. Scratches, cracks and holes must be filled in before applying your chosen paint color. Scrape off sand, old paint and other surface imperfections. Although this can be tedious, this is, in fact, the most important part as it won’t only save you from redoing the painting but also will make the paint itself durable, thus, saving you money.

Get a Primer

Priming walls, siding and other places that need to be painted is mandatory, experts say. There are three reasons this is so. Firstly, the primer acts as blockage that prevents stains from bleeding through. Secondly, it allows the painters to have one-coat coverage. Lastly, it helps improve paint adhesion and reduces the risk of peeling and blisters.

These are just a few of the many things you need to prepare before a paint job is done. Talk to your painting service provider and find out whether or not they do these things.


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