Plan a Practical Wintertime Painting Project with Help from Experienced Painters in Guelph

painters in guelphIs it true that you should forego any house painting plans at this time of year? The answer, believe it or not, is not an automatic “yes.” Not every day of the coming winter months will be ideal for painting jobs, but with the help of experienced painters in Guelph, you can pull off a home improvement project by spring.

Cold weather precautions

Many paints won’t dry properly as soon as temperatures dip below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, so you should understand there are risks to your project. Aside from inconsistent drying times due to varying surface temperatures, the paints might suffer from water spotting and film cracking. Poor light during the season could also hinder you from achieving the color balance you want. Water-based latex paints can also freeze, so it is impractical to use them in conditions below 32 degrees.

This shouldn’t stop you from continuing with some projects. If you must absolutely finish exterior painting, plan according to weather forecasts. Are there periods when you will be free of snow? Which days of the week are warmest? Which hours would give you the most sunlight? Scheduling painters in Guelph to work at your property between 10:00am and 2:00pm – when the sun is typically at its strongest – would be a practical move.

That said, the best winter painting project is one done indoors.

The pros to wintertime painting

An indoor painting job done during the season offers several advantages. The first of these is cost-efficiency.

Since contractors are busiest during the spring and summer, you are likely to find professional painters who would not charge as much to take on your project. Your contractor is also likely to finish the job faster if you are one of their few clients outside of peak season. (Again, it bears noting that an indoor job could even wrap up faster than an outdoor one since it wouldn’t be so dependent on the weather.)

Second, the season could mean faster drying times for indoor paint if you keep your home less humid and well-heated. Doing so might mean bumping up your heating bills, but that’s where the money you save on hiring off-season would come in handy.

Ultimately, having a project to focus on during the bleak months might give your spirits – as well as your property – a much-needed, colorful boost. Experienced painters in Guelph will be able to tell you how you can add that dash of vibrancy through a fresh-coated ceiling or accent wall, and determine which paints and processes go well with the conditions you’ll work with.


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