Priming to Paint your House with Aid from Kitchener Painting Companies

When you begin to notice the number of chips, cracks, and blemishes on your house’s exterior increasing, your house may be in for a new paint job. If the weather in Ontario is agreeable, then there’s no better time to get it done.  In, Natalie Bahadur shares some useful things to know before you get your house painted.

Start with the right paint

If you walk into a hardware store and think to yourself that paint is paint and they’re all the same, think again. There are separate paint categories for outdoor, indoor, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc, and you should be warned that the prices differ as well. Experts from painting companies in Kitchener will always recommend that the more expensive paint is, the better long-term investment.

“Good-quality paint … will require fewer coats, have better coverage and texture, retain its fresh appearance for longer, and have richer pigmentation and better colour-fastness.” In other words, it will look a lot better for a lot longer…”

No to VOC

Make it a point to select paint with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which linger in the air long after the coats are applied. In compliance with paint industry regulations, most manufacturers have reduced the VOC amount to a minimum, if not eliminated it completely. If there are family members who are sensitive to these VOCs, then pay close attention to this or remind your painting contractor.

“Using a low- or no-VOC paint not only helps the environment, it also keeps you from breathing in toxins in your home. These paints should be used … especially in children’s rooms and by moms-to-be who are painting a nursery,”

Let a Pro handle it

While everyone agrees that painting a house may not be all that difficult, it can be tiring and time-consuming. You should know whether or not you’re up to the task. When you hire companies like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo for painting services in Kitchener, you’ll know right away that they’re worth what you’re paying them for.

“A professional painter will do all the prep work for you …They also know how to use a brush and roller to get an even finish without any marks or drips, and will brave high ladders to reach difficult spots on ceilings…”

You’re probably aware by now of how you want to get this done. Move fast so you can preserve─ and maybe even improve─ your house’s curb appeal.

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