How Professional Kitchener Painters Can Help Clean Your Indoor Air(1)

Posted By: Suzanne Dyck

Feeling sad and blue, green with envy, or red with anger; colors are often associated with different moods and emotions, and can even affect the quality of your sleep, either positively or negatively. Jaymi McCann of said that the color of your bedroom spells the difference between getting enough sleep or losing those all too important winks. McCann lists common bedroom colors and how many hours of sleep they can give you.

According to McCann, studies reveal that colors affect the brain in various ways. If you want your house repainted by Kitchener painting companies like CertaPro, know that shades of blue can easily soothe and relax the mind and give eight hours of sleep every night; with enough rest, you’ll wake up feeling positive and happy. At the end of the prism, shades of purple can stimulate and excite the brain and inhibit drowsiness, giving you only less than six hours of valuable sleep.

While some may claim that their room colors do not really affect the quality of their sleep, a study done by Travelodge on 2,000 homes revealed that they do; people who slept in rooms painted with calm colors like green, blue and yellow had a restful sleep. Chris Idzikowski, a sleep expert relates this to the ganglion receptors in the eyes that are sensitive to the color blue, which sends information to a deep area of the brain that controls 24 hour rhythms, and affects performance and emotion.

On the other hand, purple, brown, and gray cause you to lose precious sleeping hours. The study showed that purple excites creativity which makes it “difficult to switch off after a busy day”, while brown and gray are too depressing and drab allowing only around six hours of sleep. A painting company with an in-house color expert can help you choose the right color not just for your room but for your entire house so that it’ll create an environment that’s bright and positive. says that every color has a psychological effect so what is considered as inappropriate for the bedroom can be good for the kitchen, office, or living room. Like how songs affect your mood, some colors can help you be more active, passive, or in-between. Shades of yellow, for instance, can be great for instilling a happy kitchen mood, while red in a living room raises energy.

Colors are more than just aesthetics. While a freshly painted interior can help give your home a new look, choosing a color does affect how you and your family—even your guests—feel once you step inside. You definitely want a home that’s warm and welcoming so you’ll have that perfect place to loosen up at the end of the day.

Painting, however, is not just about the colors, workmanship is critical, too. To ensure that you get the most out of your colored walls, you need professional painting services in Kitchener like CertaPro that puts customer satisfaction at the top of their business goals.