Professional Painters Reveal the Fundamental Aspects of Deck Staining

A deck can completely alter the exterior of your home, but getting one also means maintaining it. Staining is an effective way of extending the life of your deck. Deck staining may seem like a small job that you can complete in a matter of hours by yourself, however, a deck that has been through rough times requires a special kind of attention–and that means expert staining. Wood decks are particularly demanding when it comes to the staining products used on them. A single miscalculation and the deck could start chipping off. Professional Kitchener painters offering staining services are useful in such instances.

professional deck staining

Proper Cleaning 
One element that most people get wrong when staining decks is not dedicating enough time to cleaning. Over time, a wooden deck will accumulate a significant amount of dirt in different parts. Think of all the debris, dust, spillages, and other particulates that make their way into the nooks and crannies of the deck. For an old deck, there may be layers of old stains underneath. An expert will power wash the deck, and remove mold and mildew.

For varnished surfaces, sanding will be necessary. Varnish protects wood from moisture, and that means that the stain will not penetrate into the wood. Such a surface will flake easily, meaning you have to get repairs again. Wood decks can suck in moisture, which will accelerate degradation. A professional must clean in a way that doesn’t affect the structural integrity of the deck. The deck then has to dry well before doing anything else to it.

The Stain Selection

Professional painters serving Cambridge, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, have to pick the right stain depending on the wood. Expect various types of wood to react differently to stain and primers. One paramount choice at this stage is whether to use water or oil-based stain. Water based alternatives give the deck a much richer color than oil based ones but call for more maintenance. With oil-based stains, you get a thick coat, meaning more protection for your deck.

You also have to think about the degree of protection that a deck demands. If it’s in direct sunlight, then the stain has to offer a high level of protection from UV rays. There is also the matter of the color that would be most suitable for the deck. All these aspects will help when picking the right stain for deck maintenance. The painters you hire can offer guidance when providing the services.


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