Professional Painters Talk: Fundamentals for Painting Home Exteriors

Painting the exterior surfaces of a house requires the same techniques as painting its interior, however, the type and quality of the paint are different. The exterior of your home comes into contact with natural elements that contribute to degradation. For this reason, you must ensure that the paintwork is of the best quality; hence, the need for professional services. When you need painting services for the exteriors of your residence in the Tri-Cities, it helps to understand what the painting process involves. Exteriors call for more caution, especially with the preparations. Here are some basic details to keep in mind when hiring Kitchener painters for exterior paint works.

fundamentals for painting home exterior

The Preparations

Preparation is a fundamental part of the painting process. Exterior surfaces may be covered with vegetative growth that can interfere with the quality of paint. If you are handling the preparations yourself, ensure that you get rid of any growth on or along the surfaces. If the masonry is old, then there may be a need to repair it before painting. Cleaning is also part of preparation so scrub the walls with water and a brush. A point of importance to note is that there is a possibility of getting exposed to lead when scrubbing off old walls. In some regions, there may be regulations to protect residents against such problems. Find out the safety standards you must follow or hire professional Cambridge painters to do the heavy lifting for you.

You must also think about the exterior pipework when getting that new coat of paint. Most of the pipes outside of homes are plastic or metal. Don’t forget to clean the surface of these pipes when doing the preparations. Get recommendations from painters on the best way to clean metal and plastic pipes.

The Paintwork

When it comes to the painting, home exteriors demand paints that last a long time, and that is why you must make the right choice. Expert painters can tell you the kinds and brands of paint that would best suit outside walls and which one to use for the pipe work. If there are wooden features, then your painters will use wood preservative finishes that provide the necessary protection for exterior woodwork. Wood rots over time so preservation becomes a priority. Preservative pellets are some of the products painters use to fix rotten woodwork.

Painters will also consider the windows and doors. The material of windows and doors will determine whether to paint or not. For instance, vinyl can survive without paint. Professional painters, such as CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, know the products to use on window and door frames to ensure high standard paintwork in all parts of the house’s exterior.


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