Protecting Your Home: Advantages of Using Drywall Services

If you’re planning a remodelling or building a house, there are a lot of decisions you’ll have to go through. With aesthetic features, such as the style of the curtains or shade of paint on the walls, you can go back on your choice fairly easily later, but other things require some long and careful thought. If you’re considering using drywall in your construction job, and you’re still on the fence, then here are a few of the advantages of using Cambridge drywall services.

protecting your home advantages of using drywall services

The advantages of drywall begin with the installation. Compared to the main alternative of plaster, dry wall is much easier and faster to set up. If you went with the older plaster option, you’d need to get a professional plasterer in to properly apply several layers of plaster to the wall framework.

Drywall offers a much simpler option, as anyone can install drywall with relative ease, and call out for a professional afterwards to have them take care of the taping and final touches. With all the different stresses of a large-scale construction project, wouldn’t you want to go with the faster, simplified option?

Another benefit which has made drywall increasingly popular is its durability. When compared to plaster wall jobs, drywall has been proven in various studies to be much more stable than alternative options. While its material can make drywall more susceptible to minor scratches and marks, it is much easier to repair using professional services or DIY materials compared to plaster.

If you’re particularly safety-conscious about the job you’re working on, you’ll be happy to know that drywall is also much more fire-resistant than other alternatives, due to it containing a material called gypsum. Drywall is much harder to set alight, and has been proven to be better at containing flames in house fires.

One final advantage, which attracts people to choosing drywall almost universally, is the lowered cost. One of the major things which has led to the popularity of drywall in building projects is that it’s much more affordable than alternative materials.

Once installed, drywall can easily be painted, whereas walls made of other, more costly material may need to be replaced altogether, costing you a lot of money which could have been avoided. For a low price, you’ll get walls which carry a range of great traits, and can be easily touched-up by professional services or sometimes with a few simple tools!

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