Providers of Drywall Services Share Some Tricks on Drywall Finishing

Most home improvement shows on TV give the impression that drywall projects are simple enough that almost anyone can do it. On the contrary, drywall projects are often complex and difficult, not to mention taxing. Not to mention, drywall finishing is a task that requires a solid hand-eye coordination, something that not all people have.

Though it’s difficult to achieve professional results, it’s possible for you to do a proper job finishing your drywall. Simply remember these simple tricks, and you can at least avoid a bad job with the drywall.

Ready the Drywall

Achieving the perfect drywall finish begins with a superior hanging job. Before doing any finishing, make sure that the drywall is tight against the wall studs or the ceiling joists. Check that each screw is countersunk to the point that they wouldn’t tear the paper. There must also be enough fasteners, and see to it that the tapered seams are tight.

Mix the Mud

Pre-mixed mud is too stiff for your needs, and the ideal consistency should be akin to that of cake icing. If you’re using pre-mixed mud, make sure that you add a little water first before using it. As you begin mixing, make sure that the mud is free from lumps and avoid mixing too much air into it.

Time to Tape

Generally, you can choose between using a mesh tape or a paper tape. Both have their own pros and cons, with mesh tapes ideal for tapered seams and paper tapes perfect for the corners. Should you need to tape a lot of surfaces, you can improvise a belt holder by using a coat hanger, or you can simply get a handy holder.

Apply the Second Coat Immediately and Properly

Once you’re done taping everything that needs to be taped, you can immediately begin applying the second coat. Keep in mind, though, that you can’t apply the second coat of mud on both sides of a corner at the same day. You’ll need to wait for the mud to dry before you can apply mud to another corner.

For instance, if your drywall is in a typical room facing a wall, you can apply the second coat at an inside corner along the ceiling. Afterwards, you can second-coat the wall side of the inside corner on the walls to your left and right. You can also second coat the ceiling side of the wall behind you. The next day, continue applying the second coat on the other sides.

Should you have any trouble with the drywall in the future, companies offering drywall services in Cambridge, like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, would be more than glad to assist you.


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