Respected Kitchener Painting Companies Provide Some Decorating Help

Kitchener painting companies like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo can help with more than just the physical parts of painting your home. They can also help pick out the right colour of paint for your abode. The ideal colour can change the mood of a room and can subtly affect its occupants. For example, an interior designer had a large open space to work with, but wanted to have it compartmentalized without putting walls. To do this, she had the effective idea of painting each section a separate colour; this resulted in a simple yet elegant way to define the areas of the room.

respected kitchener painting companies provide decorating help

While your home may not have the need for such drastic methods, you’ll still need to pick out the right colour for your rooms. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Define the Room’s Mood

One of the factors that should influence your selection is the mood that you want to evoke in the room. For example, for a bedroom, you want yourself to relax, while living rooms need for you to be active. If you want a calming effect, cool and neutral colours like blues and greens would be able to deliver the sort of ambiance that you want. If you want to be stimulated, you can opt for warm and bright hues like orange or yellow. Your main colour will often be the deciding factor for subsequent decoration choices for a room, so you’ll need to be particular with your choice.

Educate Yourself

If you were confused when reading about “warm” or “cool” colours, then you’ll need to know more about colour terminologies. Learning about this aspect will allow you to discuss the specifics of your colour choices with your painter. Read up on terms like hue and saturation so that you know what your house painter is suggesting, and so that you can make your own suggestions. Also, the Internet has plenty of resources on how to select the ideal colour for your rooms.

Consult a Professional

In the end, you’ll need the help of professional painting services in Kitchener. These specialists can suggest particular shades for your rooms as they have good eyes for what colours to suggest. They can also help test out colours for you by using sample paints on the walls of your home.

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