Signs You Need Skilled Cambridge Drywall Services to Repair Your Walls

signs you need skilled cambridge drywall services to repair your walls

Drywall is the most commonly used building material in the United States and Canada because it is relatively cheap and easy to install. This allows builders to construct easily a house within a few months, unlike a home with walls made completely of bricks or concrete. Unfortunately, drywall is more prone to damage than solid brick or concrete walls.

Luckily, for homeowners with drywall homes, the material can easily be replaced or repaired by experienced Cambridge drywall services. That said, here are a few situations that warrant calling a drywall service to come and repair your interior walls:

When the wallpaper was applied, it was meant to stay there for as long as it can. As such, removing it prematurely often leads to bits and pieces of the wall to come right off as well. If you plan to remove wallpaper from your walls, be prepared to have a professional repair your drywall.


Moisture in your walls can easily lead to mold growth. The worst part is that mold can just as easily grow on the interior of your walls as it does on the exterior, so be wary of musty smells emanating from your walls. If mold has grown on the interior, you should call a drywall service immediately to have your walls replaced.

Chinese Drywall

Chinese drywall caused a panic in North America back in the late 2000s. An article from The Toronto Star provides the warning signs exhibited by homes that use Chinese drywall:

The defective Chinese drywall emits toxic hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide and other gases. It is believed that humidity in the air causes the sulphur in the drywall to off-gas, or migrate into the indoor air. This creates a noxious odour, and can result in serious health conditions and illnesses, such as breathing problems, eye irritation, fatigue, dizziness, insomnia, sore throat, bloody nose, and headaches.

When the sulphide gas comes into contact with normal home humidity, it gives off a rotten egg smell, and begins to corrode any exposed copper or lead in the home. Affected homeowners have reported blackened and scorched wiring behind wall plugs and switch plates, and corroded evaporator coils on air conditioning units. Light bulbs and fixtures may also stop working.

Appliances and other electrical equipment may fail prematurely, and personal jewelery and silverware as well as the wiring in cable televisions and converters can turn black.”

Keep your living space safe and looking great. If you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above, do not delay calling trusted Cambridge drywall services like CertaPro Painters.

Source: Chinese drywall creating crisis;The Toronto Star; June 20, 2009