Slap and Dash: Painting Companies Detail the Safety in Indoor Painting

House painting is a worthwhile activity. Whether it’s to hide or remove blemishes in a house’s walls, or simply make it all the more beautiful, a good paint job will last forever. However, the beauty of a painted house becomes most clear three days or more after the work is done.

Before then, the process of painting can be physically exhausting, and many factors can make it difficult or even dangerous: the flammability of oil paints, the need to reach hazardous spots, and much more.

painting companies detail the safety in indoor painting

Volatile Organic Compounds
In particular, VOCs, or “volatile organic compounds”, are what give fresh paint its famed scent – and the health risk that it carries with it. As the name implies, they are organic, and even the most natural paints cannot avoid them entirely; the same compounds that can cause irritation and headaches, or aggravate chronic problems, are the compounds that make paint work.

Air flow is the greatest factor in the danger of paint fumes. Things as obvious as open windows and as subtle as rays from the sun mean VOCs require breaks for air, careful interior management, and more to deal with.
Precautions against VOCs
This is just a small part of what makes paint thinner useful. It has many other utilities, but paint thinner can reduce the impact of paint’s wetness on the air around it. Still, painting companies in Kitchener and similar regions understand that paint thinner alone will not reduce the danger of VOCs: instead, they use tools and precautions that many people may not be aware of.

And that is key. Safe painting requires a list of precautions that are individually simple, but together create complexity, and thus, the need for caution and professionalism. Although it is certainly possible for one to paint their own house from top to bottom, it is difficult to recommend it without the proper time, good health, and experience.

One’s valuable home should definitely not be their first indoor painting project, so when it comes time to paint and you don’t already know where to start, painting services in Kitchener, or elsewhere, are probably worth hiring.


The Dangers of Paint Fumes,