Trust Professional Kitchener Painters in Choosing Colours for Your Home

Many homeowners in Kitchener, Cambridge, and elsewhere have a hard time choosing paint colours for their home simply because there are too many possible options. Often their choice is influenced by several factors, such as trends, personal preferences, and the design of the furniture that they already have.

trust professional kitchener painters

Fortunately, there are professional Kitchener painters that are also colour experts. With their knowledge, these experts can give useful recommendations on colours that can improve a home’s appearance, while satisfying the owner’s preferences.

In an article for, writer Jessica Anderson identifies some of the most common mistakes in choosing paint colour. These mistakes are common in DIY projects where homeowners randomly pick colours on their own without doing proper research or consultations with the experts. Here is an excerpt from the article discussing how a paint colour that seems perfectly fine may turn out to be the wrong choice in the end:

“A bright cobalt blue, which is really trendy right now, can look great as a ceramic lamp, because it has a sheen to it, or as a silk pillow, because it has depth or interest, but when you put that same really bright colour on the wall, it’s a whole lot stronger. Lighter, muddy colours (meaning they have more gray or black mixed in with them) work better than a really bright strong hue.” Correct It: If the walls are going to scream a bright colour, you want to wrap the rest of your furnishings in neutral tones or even white. Decide what your focal point is. If it’s the wall colour, then let everything else support it, not fight with it.

Working with trusted painters in Cambridge or Kitchener will give homeowners a better chance of avoiding these mistakes. These pros’ many years of experience have given them adequate know-how in incorporating interior design rules with the homeowner’s penchant. Not only can they introduce interesting ideas; they can also realize these ideas through skilled painters and state-of-the-art painting tools.

Whether a home is still empty or completely furnished, colour experts and painters from companies like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo can work with its owners to come up with the right colour scheme.  In addition to this, these masters also do exterior painting. Thus, they can achieve a good balance of colours between the outside and the inside, and ensure a professional finish that any homeowner would love to see in their properties.

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