Turn Your Home into a Wellness Haven with Kitchener Painting Companies

Have you ever felt like you’re taking in too much medication for your pain but you still don’t seem to get better? Chances are, there are alternative healing methods which may better fit your situation. You might be unaware of the benefits that Kitchener painting companies like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo can help you enjoy by facilitating color therapy in the comfort of your own home.

turn your home into a wellness haven

Different colors elicit different reactions. We get elated at the sight of a rainbow, sigh at a sunset, and delight in the rich colors of our surroundings. That’s the gist of color therapy, also known as chromotherapy. This field of alternative medicine explains that the way people “feel” about color goes beyond the psychological: Colors can literally affect one’s physical being, with studies noting that exposure to various hues alter vitals such as blood pressure, glandular activity, and electrical skin resistance.

So how does chromotherapy work? Colors represent different wavelengths of reflected light that hits the retina. The brain interprets these wavelengths and turns color perception into physical and sensory experiences. Color therapists believe that hues create electrical signals in the brain that stimulate various biochemical processes in the body; which then result in either soothing or stimulating feelings.

Chromotherapy highlights how specific colors provide various health benefits. Read on to find out which colors you’d like professional Kitchener painting services to focus on if you’re looking to redecorate your walls.

Red – Red is known as the color of life, energy, and warmth. It stimulates better blood circulation, balances body temperature, and normalizes the breathing rate. Red is often used to combat illnesses like anemia, asthma, chronic coughs, and other respiratory disorders. Red is also known to stimulate the adrenal gland and the neurons, which results to an invigorating feeling.

Yellow – Ever wondered why smiley faces are colored yellow? It’s because the color helps release serotonin, a hormone that plays a central role in fostering a happy mood. According to chromotherapy experts, yellow also strengthens the nerves, helps in mental balance, and stimulates mental alertness.

Blue – Blue is said to be the color of peace, and is used in chromotherapy as an antiseptic. Aside from this, blue is also known to stimulate creativity and calmness. Doctors have been known to treat hyperactive children using the color blue because of its soothing properties.

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