Why Waterloo, Cambridge, and Kitchener Painters Choose Latex Paint

House paints are generally oil-based (alkyd) or water-based (latex). According to an article at the Home Depot Canada website, each type has its own set of attributes, which also influence what they are best used for:

why choose latex paints

“In general, water-based paints are safer, easier to use and more versatile, but oil-based paints are recommended for chalky surfaces, as they offer better adhesion. Oil paints are not breathable, thus preventing stains, rust or wood saps from seeping through.”

Cambridge and Kitchener painters with a commitment to eco-friendly practices, like CertaPro Painters of Waterloo, often choose latex over alkyd for its aforementioned qualities.


Both latex and alkyd paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to the environment. However, latex has very low levels of VOCs compared to alkyd. Latex is also safer because it is non-flammable.

Easy to use

Latex paints can be easily applied on surfaces, as well as touched up. Moreover, they dry up more quickly than oil paints. Any excess latex paint can also be washed off with water if it has not yet dried on the spot.


Many painters attest to the versatility of latex. It has an elastic and flexible finish that can resist cracking, fading, and peeling. It can also retain its stable colour over time, which eases the minds of those who worry about the paint yellowing in the short term.

Given these attributes of latex, property owners are also advised to opt for this type of paint when contracting painters in Cambridge, Kitchener, or Waterloo.

(Source: Interior Paints, Home Depot Canada)